This product designer tricks the internet with irresistible fake products

This product designer tricks the internet with irresistible fake products
  • Matt Benedetto is a product designer who created a fake company that makes products that solve unique problems.
  • These products solve problems you didn’t even know you had.
  • Each one is the perfect mix of a must-have gadget and one that makes you say, “I cant believe that exists.”

Following is the transcript of the video:

Narrator: Avocado on a stick. A hands-free umbrella. How about a 100-foot-long phone-charging cable? These products seem almost too good to be true. And, in a way, they are. They aren’t available in any store. They are all one-off inventions created by this guy: Matt Benedetto.

Matt Benedetto: So this invention is called the iDangle. I came up with this one while I was laying in bed watching Netflix. And, you know, I was holding my phone above my head. Slipped right out of my hand and just smacked me in the face.

Narrator: Matt, who is an actual product designer, decided to use his expertise to create over-the-top products that solve problems we didn’t know we had.

Matt: It would attach to your ceiling, and then this is a suction cup that attaches to your phone and dangles the phone just a few inches over your face.

Narrator: You might have seen this next one before. Avocado on a stick, his streamlined solution to a millennial’s love for avocados. All of his creations live on, the website he made for his fake company to convince people all the products are real. Except, again, they most definitely are not. So how does Matt

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