Sonos is gearing up for new hardware this fall

Sonos is gearing up for new hardware this fall

Fresh off the release of its well-received table lamp and bookshelf speakers that were created in collaboration with Ikea, Sonos is turning its attention back to the company’s own product lineup. Today, Sonos invited media to a briefing scheduled for late August that will focus on its plans for the fall. These showcases almost always feature new hardware, but what might Sonos have in store?

In terms of existing devices, I think the Play:5 is the most likely candidate to be upgraded. The second-gen Play:5 launched in 2015 — so it’s certainly due for a revision — and Sonos could easily add a voice mic array to its most premium and best-sounding speaker in the same way it did with the Sonos One. The company would include other enhancements to audio performance in a potential Sonos Five since it has previously said that it doesn’t upgrade products unless there’s plenty of reason to do so.

With Amazon said to be at work on a high-end Echo speaker, the timing would fit if Sonos wants to head off its competitors. Even cable companies are building pricey Alexa speakers now.

Sonos Play:5 stock

The Play:5 is Sonos’ best-sounding speaker and was last updated in 2015.
Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

A revived Play:3 could be another possibility, but I’m not sure ho

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