Sideloaded sneak peek: XDA finds new features in upcoming Google Camera 7.0

Sideloaded sneak peek: XDA finds new features in upcoming Google Camera 7.0

smartphone is a funny way to say communication camera —

Vietnamese YouTubers extracted the Camera 7.0 APK from a pre-release Pixel4.

  • Camera 7.0 looks to have a much-improved and more accessible way to manage shot settings. Camera 6.x obscured these settings in several separate menus behind a bunch of tiny, unintuitive icons at the top of the viewfinder.

  • All of these settings look much easier to navigate and understand than in Camera 6.2, native on my own Pixel 2XL.

  • The updated Advanced settings in Camera 7.0 gets rid of 6.2’s option to turn HDR+ off and adds a new option for HEVC video encoding.

Android developer site xda-developers got its hands on a pre-release copy of the Camera app designed for Google’s upcoming Pixel 4—so naturally, the site then sideloaded it on a Pixel 2XL.

The majority of the settings exposed in the screenshots already existed in Camera 6.x, but even long-time Pixel users could be forgiven for not knowing they existed. Where Camera 6.x hid them in five separate menus—each squirreled away behind a tiny, unintuitive icon at the top of the viewfinder—Camera 7.0 combines them into a single, much easier-to-read menu. This one context-sensitive settings menu (its options differ between, for example, Night Sight mode and regular Camera mode) can be accessed either by tapping a drop-down arrow or by swiping down on the viewfinder itself.

Behind the scenes, xda-developers reports finding new scene-detectio

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