IAB proposes a new tracking alternative to the cookie

IAB proposes a new tracking alternative to the cookie

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Tech Lab is calling for a new approach to online tracking, one that would replace the long-lived cookie.

In a lengthy post, the IAB Tech Lab’s Jordan Mitchell runs through the history of tracking, describing the cookie as “a boon to the internet” that allowed websites to tailor their ads and content to each visitor, while acknowledging that this approach has some shortfalls:

Proprietary HTTP cookies were (and remain) the core mechanism for distinguishing one consumer from another, and each cookie may only be read by the party that sets it. There is no standardized, centralized mechanism for consumers to convey their interests or privacy preferences, which can then travel with them and be reliably broadcast to the right parties as consumers surf the web or hop from app to app on their mobile devices.

He suggested that this “fragmented and privatized” approach to privacy has led to “the data and privacy crises that we see today.”

Those crises are probably why the Tech Lab — a partner organization to the IAB, itself is a trade group of advertisers and media companies — is taking ac

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