Here are 20 online courses for professionals, each less than $20

Here are 20 online courses for professionals, each less than $20

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Sharpen your résumé and advance your career with help from these 2src online courses.
Sharpen your résumé and advance your career with help from these 20 online courses.

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You may think it’s too late to learn the most sought-after professional skills of 2019, but you’d be wrong. Time moves fast but, come on, it doesn’t move that fast. Workplaces of 2020 will still be looking for many of the same skills. What we’re trying to say here is that, in the 21st century, it pays to continue your education and constantly sharpen your skills.

Here are 20 courses you can take online, in your own time, that are all available for less than $20 each. They all cover some of today’s most in-demand skills so you can leverage your learning into a promotion or a new job.

App Design and Development

Android users have access to more than 2.1 million apps. Apple users have access to more than 1.8 million. And those numbers just account for the leading app stores, not the dozens of third-party stores and thousands of third-party apps not available on the Google Play or the App Store. Apple may have coined “There’s an app for that” years ago, but it didn’t become really true until recently. Everybody wants an app these days and the design and development industry has become a multi-billion dollar affair. People who can create apps from scratch are in major demand, so what are you waiting for? Cut off a piece of that pie.


You’ve probably noticed how marketing has changed over the past few years, especially when it comes to social media. Marketers have gotten smarter, yes, but there are also more tools than ever to help companies reach the audiences they want to reach. From Facebook and Google to YouTube and Reddit, there’s a marketing plan for virtually every platform and companies in all industries are looking for clever people to make their products and services stand out. Whether you want to help a company scale or you want to build your own, it’s vital to have a firm understanding of digital marketing and how to create a successful marketing campaign.

Data Analysis

Data Scientist has been named the top job in the US by Glassdoor for four consecutive years. There must be something to it, right? Between high salaries, excellent job security, the ability to solve complex and challenging problems, and many companies offering flexible employment to keep their Data Scientists happy, it’s a pretty dang good gig. But it also requires some significant technical expertise. Some of the foundational tools of data science are Microsoft Excel and Google Analytics, and you can learn them both on a budget.

Development and Finance

Some jobs may be disappearing due to automation, but nothing beats the good old fashioned human touch. Especially when it comes to business devel

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