Echo on your face and Alexa at your fingertips

Echo on your face and Alexa at your fingertips

What you need to know

  • These are part of Amazon’s Day 1 Editions program and are invite-only.
  • Echo Frames glasses will retail for $179.99 and feature Alexa audio assistance.
  • Echo Loop smart ring will retail for $129.99, with microphones and haptic feedback.

Amazon announced two of its most ambitions Echo products today as part of its Day 1 Edition program, which is a new program for piloting new products and services.

The Echo Frames are a pair of smart glasses that unobtrusively bring Alexa along with you. Weighing in at a mere 31 grams, these have discrete directional microphones and speakers to let you communicate with Alexa and hear responses without letting others listen in. As with other Echo devices, you can disable the microphone at any time, and you can even filter notifications by select VIPs. Touch controls are featured on the right arm of the glasses. These frames are invite-only and will go for $179.99.

Sneak peek frames

Amazon Echo Frames

Here’s looking at you, Alexa.

This Day 1 Edition product will bring Alexa to you while out in the world in a discreet pair of microphone-embedded glasses that you’ll need an invitation to buy.

The other Day 1 product announced today was the Echo Loop, which is a smart ring that promises to give you “information at your fingertips.” Like the new Apple Watch, this ring is a

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