Control4 Turns Your Smart Home Into a Genius!

Control4 Turns Your Smart Home Into a Genius!

I consider myself to be somewhat tech savvy. When I purchased my first new construction home, I thought I was cool and smart because I had the foresight to know that streaming would be a big “thing” and so I added cat5 wire behind every wall-mounted TV. But, that was five years ago and, since then, I added a ton of additional equipment I did not foresee – like a security system, outdoor camera system, video doorbell, remote door lock, wireless thermostat, wireless garage door opener, and a number of stand alone wireless speakers throughout the house. I guess I was not as cool and smart as I initially thought! And, while I loved the tech and the ability to wirelessly access different features in my home, I did not love the fact that I needed to access a different app for each task. The apps would frequently time out, and I would have to re-enter passwords and, of course, I would forget the passwords. Suddenly, the convenience of having everything at my fingertips was more frustrating than convenient.

Recently, my wife and I decided to move and we bought another new construction home. I decided to take this opportunity to right all of my technological wrongs of the past. I wasn’t necessarily thinking about full-blown home automation or a “smart” home, but maybe just a smarter home. I was reading about the home builder’s available options and stumbled upon the Control4 equipment option. To be honest, I had no idea what Control4 was. So, I Googled it and … mind=blown!

Initially, I started reading about the different Control4 systems, i.e., entertainment (whole home audio and video), climate control, and the safety and security features (cameras and security systems). I was intrigued, but overwhelmed. I had some general knowledge about the things I was looking at, but I wasn’t really sure how it all fit together. Luckily, they have local Smart Home Pro showrooms to help people figure it all out.  So, I went to their online dealer locator to find my local Control4 Smart Home Pro, contacted them and arranged for a visit.

When I first arrived at the showroom, I was excited but still felt very helpless. I didn’t understand what some of the products did and how everything worked together. The Control4 Smart Home Pro showed me all of the different products Control4 offers and explained how everything is controlled through ONE APP!!! TV, audio, security, door locks, and more – everything in one place! No more separate log-ons and passwords! I never knew so much was possible in one app.

Even better: I’m not stuck using manufacturer-specific products. Although Control4 has some proprietary hardware, their app is flexible enough to integrate with a variety of other manufacturer’s products. They have a large number of partners like Apple and Nest, which is especially important because it allows us to be flexible with our design aesthetic and not be tethered to one manufacturer.

Some of the other things we talked about were how to integrate the same functionality through every TV and speaker in my house by running everything (all TVs and speakers) through to a head end unit (conveniently loc

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