Not to be outdone by the AmazonBasics Microwave and Echo Wall Clock it announced last year, Amazon at a press conference this morning unveiled the Alexa Glow, an Alexa companion device with a multicolor LED.

Tapping it cycles through colors, predictably. And customers can ask Alexa to kick off scenes like a flickering campfire light, a sleep timer that gradually dims as bedtime nears, a cascade of colors or a favorite color, or (in the near future) a dance party with music and lights.

Echo Glow available for preorder today, starting at $29, and it’ll ship before the holidays.

The Echo Flex — a diminutive Echo speaker designed to plug into wall outlets — also made its debut today. (Amazon says it’s optimized for Alexa’s voice as opposed to music, say.) The included USB charging port can be used to power accessories, including motion sensors and smart nightlights.

Amazon Echo Flex

Above: Amazon’s Echo Flex.

Image Credit: Amazon

An early interface API has been available to select developers in advance of today’s announcement, and the Echo Flex is available for pre-order starting today for $24.99. Accessories will be $14.99 each.

Alongside the Flex and Glow, Amazon announced the Certified for Humans, a new program that identifies “struggle-free, tinker-free, and stress-free” lights, plugs, and small appliances. It builds on Amazon’s Frustration Free Setup program launched last year, which stores user’s Wi-Fi details to share them with compatible smart home devices.

To earn a Certified for Humans designation, devices must pass muster with a committee of non-experts. They have to meet roughly a dozen other requirements besides, including support for over-the-air background updates and setup through the Alexa app.

Amazon Smart Oven

Above: Amazon’s Smart Oven.

Image Credit: Amazon

Last but not least, Amazon announ