Alone before an invisible audience: German gunman lived online

Alone before an invisible audience: German gunman lived online

BERLIN (Reuters) – The alleged perpetrator of Wednesday’s gun attack on a German synagogue had few friends, but a clear idea of the internet audience he wanted to impress.

Apparent explosives cache is seen in a bag inside the vehicle used by a gunman in an attack on a synagogue in Halle, Germany October 9, 2019 in this still image taken from the gunman’s helmet camera video stream.

“Want to be friends?” he asked with a smirk at the start of his livestreamed rampage through the city of Halle, later cursing and apologizing to his invisible audience for failing to shoot the congregation praying inside.

“Sorry guys,” he said, driving away from the synagogue, where he had shot and killed a passer-by on the street. “One time a loser, always a loser,” he said, cursing furiously, the cocksure swagger gone.

Stephan B., named by prosecutors on Thursday as their main suspect, was described by his father in an interview with newspaper Bild as a friendless figure who lived his life online, blaming others for his own failings.

“He wasn’t at ease with himself or the world, always blaming others,” he said.

Bild and other media said the 27-year-old lived with his mother in a suburb of Halle and had dropped ou

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