5 smart garage door openers that you should consider

5 smart garage door openers that you should consider

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Smart Garage Door Openers
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When you’re looking to upgrade your home to a smart home, you don’t want to forget the garage door. Being able to open it from your phone makes it easier for you to enter your house when you don’t have a remote or keypad handy. More than that, at some point, you or one of your kids might leave the garage door open. Most smart garage door openers including the Chamberlain MyQ let you check the status of your garage door and close it from a distance. Here are the best smart garage door openers for any home.

Best Overall: Chamberlain MyQ

Considering how well it works it’s seriously surprising how inexpensive the Chamberlain MyQ Garage Hub is. In addition to being able to open your garage door using your app, the device sends notifications to your phone to let you know when there’s activity or if the door has been left open. If you’re out running errands and suddenly wonder if you left the garage door open, you can check the app, and it will tell you the status. You can then close your garage from just about anywhere as long as your phone can access the internet.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can opt-in to Key by Amazon, which allows Amazon delivery persons to drop packages off in your garage instead of leaving them on the porch where others might get at them. In addition to that, you can give up to three people the ability to access your smart garage. It’s perfect for giving to guests, or when you’re out of town and a trusted neighbor is taking care of Fluffy for you.

This setup connects to several smart services including Nest, Wink, Xfinity Home, Google Assistant, IFTTT, Alpine, and EVE Connect for Tesla. In the past you had to pay one dollar per month to connect one of these services to your smart garage hub. It’s hardly any money, but, oddly, you had to pay in the first place. A limited-time promotion has been available since June 26 that does away with subscription costs allowing you to use smart home services for free. We’re not sure how long this promotion will last, but it definitely makes this garage door opener even more appealing. You’ll also need to make sure you have a Wi-Fi signal in your garage, or the device won’t work properly, but that’s how it goes with most smart garage door openers.


  • Inexpensive
  • Smart Key
  • Compatible with several smart services
  • Sends notifications


  • Payment plan
  • Must have WiFi signal in garage

Best Overall

Chamberlain MyQ

An inexpensive smart garage door opener

Check the status of your garage to make sure your home is secure. You can also open or close the door from just about anywhere using this setup.

Best for Automatic Opening: NEXX Garage NXG-100b

This smart device has a feature that allows it to detect when you’re near with your smartphone. You can set it to open when you approach automatically, making it so you never have to reach for a garage door button ever again when driving up. This feature can be turned off if it’s not something you want to have.

You can also control NEXX using the included app, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Samsung SmartThings. As long as you have Wi-Fi, you’ll be able to check the status, open, or close the garage door from any location using the app. This is one of the more expensive units on this list, but it’s good at what it does. Just keep in mind that the sensors used to determine if the garage door is closed are wired. You’ll need to make sure you have enough wiring running to the correct areas of your garage when you install the unit. This can make installation more complicated, depending on your house setup.


  • Auto opening
  • Voice controls
  • Works with several smart services
  • Open the door from just about anywhere


  • Expensive
  • Wired installation

Best for Automatic Opening

NEXX Garage NXG-100b

Access your house with auto opening

Control your garage door opener using the included app, voice control, or by merely approaching with your smartphone for button-free access to your home.

Best for Multiple Doors: Genie Aladdin Connect

Sometimes the easiest way to access your garage is by using a remote control. You don’t have to turn on any apps or wait for loading times, you simply press a button, and the garage opens. The Genie Aladdin Connect comes with a physical button in addition to the smart aspects, so you can easily control your garage door using whichever method is easiest at the moment.

The app lets you check to see if the garage door is open or shut, an excellent tool for when you’re on vacation or at work. You’ll receive notifications when someone uses the door and can control it from just about anywhere. This unit pairs with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, which means you can use voice controls to open or close your door. If you do the proper installation work, this unit will be able to control up to three garage doors. As with any garage door opener, it takes some work to correctly set up the main unit as well as the wired sensors around the doors.


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes with remote
  • Voice controls
  • Program up to three garage doors
  • Sends notifications


  • Difficult installation

Best for Multiple Doors

Genie Aladdin Connect

Monitor and control your garage door

Use the Genie app or the included remote control to open and close your garage. You can even pair it with Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.

Best for Easy Installation: Garadget Wi-Fi Garage Door Controller

Since this unit uses a laser sensor rather than wired sensors, installation is a lot easier. The laser itself runs on batteries so you won’t need to lay down any complicated wiring when installing the unit near the garage door. It comes with circular reflective tape that you’ll need to place on the opposite side of the laser. The laser then bounces back to let the unit know that the door is shut. Many users state that the tape is tiny, making it hard to place in the exact location needed to bounce the laser back. You might want to purchase reflective tape to make the job easier.

Once everything is set up, you can check on the status of your garage or control it from any location using the Garadget app. This device also works with a large number of home automation services, including Samsung SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Vera, Home Seer, OpenHAB, Androidwear, IFTTT, Pebble, and more. This means you’re more likely to be able to control it in the manner you’d prefer.

While it isn’t the most expensive smart garage door opener we’ve seen, it is on the pricier side of the spectrum. Still, considering how easy installation is and all of the smart home services it works with, this is an excellent device for the price.


  • Uses a laser rather than senso

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