3 Values Required To Navigate Our Ever Changing Future

3 Values Required To Navigate Our Ever Changing Future

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I have attended several events where the speaker on Artificial Intelligence struck fear in the hearts of almost all entrepreneurs in attendance. These talks leave people with worry and rarely inspire action.   

The future always has a degree of uncertainty to it and things are changing at an unprecedented, exponential rate. Those who want to keep their model the same and desire the past to remain both now and in the future are stuck in the game of playing not to lose. 

It won’t work.

It is sure to be painful.

Advancements in technology will make the majority of today’s jobs obsolete. 

People erroneously fight this with their vote, voice, and actions. They cry for unnecessary regulation that leads to bureaucracy, rather than advancement; all in order to create temporary income stability. 

The future is uncontrollable and certainly contains risk with all business models, but it doesn’t mean you should be scared, fearful or try to hide from it. In fact, there are ways you can prepare yourself now and become even more profitable in the future! 

There are important attributes and abilities you can leverage to take action now so that instead of being a victim to the future, you’ll own it. People that own the future possess three things; you will see these values and characteristics in common amongst those who come out on top.


In the consumerist state, there is no adaptability. Here’s an example:

I came from a coal mining town. Working hard in the coal mine equaled a paycheck. If coal mining ever became obsolete (it nearly is), because of technology, the belief is that miners wouldn’t be able to put food on the table. Therefore, they will fight for coal mining and that system, regardless of it being a good idea or not, because their income is dependent on it.

Adaptability requires you to stop clinging to the past, and start investing in your skills, abilities and growth. Going to school or learning a trade doesn’t entitle anyone to a paycheck into perpetuity. The free market is driven by value creation. The key is to seek what is valuable to the marketplace, and provide it within your abilities. This means you will be required to consistently develop your abilities and adapt to an ever changing marketplace.  

To be adaptable is to continually invest in yourself and to enhance existing skill sets, develop new skill sets and identify your best abilities. Education must be redefined to include finding ways to learn how to monetize these abilities and think in a way to identify new possibilities. A lot of people stop learning after school and their knowledge and skills are not keeping pace with this changing economy. They may think they have 30 years experience, but it’s really just 1 year of experience 30 times over.

Today we have to be adaptable because things move and change quicker. Many of the jobs that exist now won’t exist in the future. Maybe it’s driverless cars, A.I. or robots that will do more of the work. What is it that you are tied into right now that in the future will lose it’s value or be machine replaceable? 


“Teaching kids how to nourish their creativity and curiosity, while still providing a sound foundation in critical thinking, literacy and math, is the best way to prepare them for a future of increasingly rapid technological change.”

― Peter H. Diamandis, Abundance: The Future is Better Than You Think

I have always felt that the highest form of reality is creation. Creation is in line with what I refer to as your “Soul Purpose”. Soul Purpose is your unique combination of values, abilities, and passions utilized in alignment with your overall vision. By discovering your Soul Purpose you are really exposing these to their fullest extent. 

Most schools are designed to teach people how to work for others. In the industrial age the requirement for production came primarily from human labor. 

We’re now in the time of brains, not brawn. Now, being the strongest means adding the most value through creating value and a vision. Those that own the future will invent it, through their ideas, thoughts, and leveraging technology. Those that will be destroyed by it will want to trade their time for money or do activities that are antiquated versus utilizing creativity to use the advancements technology will bring.  

How can you put technology to work to your advantage? What are people looking for? Where can you create a vision that serves many, solves problems, and delivers value? Repetitive activity will be systematized. Physical, human labor isn’t as valuable as it used to be before today’s technology and we have only scratched the surface.  

People have been taught not to waste time trying to create something new because they’re told that it would be too complicated, or that it’s never happened before, or that they need a bunch of resources and money to accomplish it. This kind of negative naysaying will only bog you down. Don’t listen to it!

The question to start with; what can you create that doesn’t already exist? It may be an improvement, invention, or a more efficient way to accomplish something. Go back and use your Soul Purpose, unique perspective, and pay attention to the businesses that are hard to work with or the pet peeves you experience in life with areas of the world that can be improved upon and come up with the solution.  


Connection really means human connection. To be clear, social media is not genuine human connection, it’s merely a catalyst for connection if used appropriately.

The way I see it is either:

  1. You connect people with other people, where you can support one another, or…
  2. You truly connect in a deep and meaningful way with people, and establish real relationships with others that are of high value.

Your most valuable connections are not always going to be with the biggest and most successful business people, but those who have the values and ethics you respect and share. Good connections will be there in the future when times get hard, to give you references and footholds. As you add value to their life, you create Relationship Capital. Markets or the government can’t take this from you. People are the only assets in the world, invest in these assets. You not only have access to their value, but if done properly, everyone in their network.  

It’s important to maintain and take care of your professional relationships. You keep them strong by scheduling regular meetings and reasons to get together. Or you have great conversations and you ask amazing questions that help you to deeply bond with them. By nourishing these relationships you are making big investments into your future.

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