You interact with this tech company every day, and may not even know it

You interact with this tech company every day, and may not even know it
  • Technology powers almost everything in our life — from travel to shopping.
  • Most of that technology is behind the scenes, so consumers don’t think twice about where it comes from or how it works.
  • IBM powers much of the technology that we can’t see, like the credit cards that we use and the Blockchain that traces select produce that we eat.

From the magnetic stripe on your credit card to the products you consume, in today’s hyper-connected, tech-driven world, most of our daily activities are powered by technology that we can’t actually see. While the role of B2C companies is much more apparent, there are many parts of your daily routine being powered by B2B tech companies, like IBM, behind the scenes.

Here are just a few of the ways:

During your commute

Did you ride an elevator or an escalator to work this morning? If the answer is yes, there is a chance that the IBM Watson IoT platform on the IBM Cloud and KONE helped you reach your destination. KONE, a Finnish engineering company, services more than 1 million elevators and escalators that safely move one billion people during their commutes daily. KONE implemented IBM Watson to analyze IoT sensors in each elevator to help identify problems and predict malfunctions, allowing technicians to be notified automatically when needed. This seamless implementation of IBM technology helps techs fix malfunctions quickly, or before they even happen, to help streamline your commute.

Perhaps you drive to work or listen to music on your phone. Virtual assistants found in many vehicles are powered by IBM Watson technology, whi

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