When It’s Time to Get Serious about Your Content and Copywriting

When It’s Time to Get Serious about Your Content and Copywriting

We write a lot about the importance of creativity in content marketing. Generic, flavorless content has very little chance of getting noticed in the sea of content that’s generated every day.

Pros know that creativity needs to be harnessed to professional discipline. Creative work is work, and it calls for a serious mindset.

And when your creative work is directly tied to a company’s revenue (and the grocery bills and mortgages of everyone who works for that company), there’s no time for self-indulgence.

This week, we offered three posts about the power of creative discipline.

On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman talked about how people perceive the writing life, and what it’s actually like. While from the outside, professional writers sometimes look a little fuzzy, working writers know what it’s like to keep wrestling with a piece when everyone else has gone off to hit Happy Hour.

On Tuesday, Beth Hayden shared 13 favorite insights from advertising legend David Ogilvy, with direct applications to the work we do today. Ogilvy was famous for suggesting that creativity didn’t matter in advertising — and writing some of the most creatively fascinating ads ever.

And on Wednesday, I wrote about one of my all-time favorite content marketing tools, the email autoresponder. Today it’s grown up into a more complex creature, driven by smart automation.

New technology has only made autoresponders more effective, and thoughtful, well-written email sequences remain one of the smartest places to put your writing time and budget.

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— Sonia Simone

Chief Content Officer, Copyblogger Media

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