People Power Company. Humanizing the Internet of Things.

People Power Company. Humanizing the Internet of Things.

One of the most important things to assemble as an entrepreneur is a winning team. That’s exactly what Gene Wang and David Moss of People Power Company did.

Gene met David while working at a telecommunications company – BitFone. Gene served as CEO and David as a lead engineer. BitFone’s software was used in more than 300 million phones, and was adopted by 3 of the top 5 mobile operators and all of the top 6 handset manufacturers. BitFone was acquired by HP for $160 million in 2007.

In 2009, Gene had his “aha” moment when he connected the dots on the potential of the connected world. Gene realized that every light, door, car, switch, meter, home, building, and more should be connected. It was obvious to him that IoT would be 10- to 100-times the market size of mobility. In 2009, Gene and David founded People Power Company and started recruiting stars from the Bitfone team.

People Power Co., The Early Days

People Power Company is Gene Wang’s fifth startup. He is what’s known as a “serial entrepreneur”, a well-deserved title for Wang. Gene’s focus has always been about helping people and the world, while engaging in the pursuit of profits. The motivation for Gene’s most current mission was fueled by a circumstance that hit uncomfortably close to home.

On a day when Gene took his kids to school, he noticed essays posted on the hallway walls. He was disheartened to see how many students were severely concerned about the planet’s future and wellbeing. This was the catalyst for People Power’s first product – GreenX – designed with the goal of using connected device technology to make the household run with greater energy efficiency. The business grew, and People Power now delivers IoT services for some of the world’s largest consumer service providers, including:

    • China Mobile, supporting more than 6 million subscribers
    • BGE (Baltimore Gas and Electric) used in thousands of homes
    • PepCo used in over 600 homes
    • DelMarva used in over 1,000 homes

The energy business was run

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