Is the PlayStation Network down?

Is the PlayStation Network down?

PlayStation 4 Pro on entertainment stand

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central

Best answer: No, all PlayStation Network services appear to be up and running across all devices. The last time the network encountered any issues was on Nov. 2 where players reported problems with social features and online gaming.

How to fix PlayStation Network connection problems

If the entire PlayStation Network is down, the situation is unfortunately out of your hands. Since the PlayStation Network is up right now and you’re still have trouble, you can start by testing your internet connection or even just turning off your PS4 and turning it back on. It’s a tried and true method that’ll attempt to reconnect it to PSN.

Performing an internet connection test

  1. On the PlayStation home screen, go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to Network.
  3. Select Test Internet Connection.

If the problem is your internet and not PSN, try resetting your router and reconnecting your PS4 to your Wi-Fi network. Follo

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