How to Organize Your Recipes Offline

How to Organize Your Recipes Offline

Analog WeekJust because ‘there’s an app for that’ doesn’t mean you have to use it. This week we’re going analog, reminding ourselves that we can live—and live _well_ —without smartphones, and seeing what’s worth preserving from the time before we were all plugged in 24/7.  

There are a lot—some might say “too many”—recipes floating around in the world. Books and magazines are full of them but, thanks to the internet, you could cook a new recipe a day and never open a cookbook. There are many apps for keeping track of your online favorites, but the truly special recipes deserve a hard copy.

For the printed piece

Food magazines are one of the few magazines I still buy, but I do not have room to keep stacks of periodicals in my 600-square-foot apartment. The problem with printed recipes is that they usually come in all sorts of fun and varying shapes and sizes. Some are a sidebar, some are a full page, and some are a shape in between the two. A ring binder, filled with clear plastic sleeves, work particularly well here, as you can mix and match the sleeve sizes—I like to use a mixture of full-page-sized sleeves and smaller sleeves meant for photos, to keep things as neat as possible.

You can also keep the binder as organized (or not) as you like with dividers and tabs, and move things around without messing with the structural integrity of your filing system. Beyond magazines and newspaper clippin

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