Google is adding new Nest routines to further automate your home

Google is adding new Nest routines to further automate your home

To start, the company is launching a new Device Access program that will allow “qualified” partners to ask for access to your Nest devices. The idea here is that this integration will give you yet another way to control all the smart home devices you own. For instance, if you have a non-Nest smart home security system that supports the platform, the API will allow you to view and control your Nest cameras through that device’s app. According to Nest, third-parties that want to join the program will have to pass an annual security assessment. The Device Access API is available today, with new device integrations “coming soon.” Nest had already offered third-party integrations in the past through its Works with Nest program. However, the Device Access program is the new API those companies will need to use to get their devices recertified.

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Meanwhile, the company’s new and expanded Home Routines will allow your Nest devices to trigger your other smart home products. For instance, say you have a Nest Protect in your home. If it detects smoke in your home, one of the new Home Routines will allow it to communicate with your smart lights, causing them to function as a warning sign by flashing red. A less extreme example is that a single routine will allow you to automatically turn down your Nest thermostat and turn off your smart lights at the same time whenever you leave your home. The company says you’ll be able to build your own routines, as well as enroll in pre-made ones created by the company.

Starting in the second half of next year, you’ll also be able to use routines made by third-parties. Nest adds that you’ll be able to add smart home products to a routine on a device-by-device basis. The company plans to launch Home Routines early next year. In introducing both new features, Nest was quick to note that it will do its best to “safeguard your Google data to our standards.”

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If you consider yourself a smart home enthusiast, Nest is also working on a Device Access program for individuals. The program will allo

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