Everything announced at Samsung Developer Conference 2019

Everything announced at Samsung Developer Conference 2019

For the past few years, Samsung has hosted its Samsung Developer Conference in the Fall. This is the time for the company to announce all the software, and sometimes hardware, that it’s pushing for developers to work with. Last year was all about One UI and Bixby. This year was all about Bixby Capsules, foldables, and One UI 2.0.

One UI 2.0

Samsung considers One UI 1.0 to have been a huge success. They claim customer loyalty has increased over 15% for the Galaxy S10 series, which Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy thinks is because of One UI. With One UI being such a success, Samsung wanted to focus more on One UI 2.0. One UI 2.0 is all about natural interactions and visible comfort, along with helping you focus more on the content on your display. Samsung is, again, doing this by shifting their “focus” block towards the bottom of the display while keeping the “viewing area” at the top. They are essentially refining their UI to make usability and ease of use better. Samsung is also making One UI feel more alive by animating some system icons just to add a little personality to the UI.

Samsung Blockchain SDK

At SDC, Samsung also announced its new Blockchain SDK. This allows developers to easily integrate with Samsung’s hardware wallet built into their newest devices. Using the SDK, developers can create apps that create or access Blockchain accounts on the device. The SDK also allows for developers to accept cryptocurrencies like Etherium as a form of payment in the apps. This is a very simple description of what Samsung has opened up with its new Blockchain SDK. I highly recommend reading more about the Blockchain SDK on Samsung’s developer website.

Samsung SmartThings Rules API

SmartThings is Samsung’s IoT platform used for smart security cameras, refrigerators, washing machines, TVs, and more. At SDC, Samsung announced the new Rules API. This allows for developers to set up complete automations using the Samsung SmartThings Cloud. According to Samsung this “[means] that the number of services and products available to users with automation built into their capabilities is set to expand.” There isn’t much information on this new Rules API besides the fact it can run even if the internet goes out. Samsung will likely announce more information about the new Rules API and SmartThings updates soon.


While this isn’t one of the major announcements of SDC, Samsung has a new capsule in Bixby to show off the power of Bixby. It is called Bixby Home Advisor.

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