This project is how to control the solenoid valve for various applications that can be used to open or close water or gas pipelines.


Arduino Uno

Solenoid 12v



Register 10k ohm

1N4007 Diode


Connecting Wires

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Step 1: Project Story

The solenoid is generally used as an actuator in various process automation systems. There are solenoid valves that can be also used to open or close water or gas pipelines.

The Doorbell also has a plunger-type solenoid coil inside it, which when energized by AC power source will shift a small rod up and down.

This rod will hit the metal plates situated on either side of the solenoid to generate the soothing ding dong sound. It is also used as starters in vehicles or as a valve in RO and sprinkler systems.

As we all know solenoid converts electrical energy into mechanical energy that has a coil wound over the conductive material. Generally, we used a 12V solenoid valve which is used in controlling the flow of liquids.

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Controlling the Solenoid valve using Arduino:

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