Halsey Minor, founder of Cnet, has a new startup called Live Planet that hopes to use decentralized technology to disrupt pay-per-view programming in the U.S.

The Los Angeles-based company is announcing today that it has a partnership with InDemand, a big transactional video on demand and pay-per-view programming distributor owned by Charter Communications, Comcast Cable, and Cox Communications. InDemand is joining Live Planet’s VideoCoin Network and its new Innovators Program.

The VideoCoin Network is a decentralized video encoding, storage, and content distribution system built on the Blockchain. Live Planet established the Innovators Program to bring major media companies and video distributors into the commercial development of the VideoCoin Network to ensure it delivers the functionality and robustness to fulfill customer needs, which it promises will greatly reduce costs compared to today’s centralized solutions.

Above: Halsey Minor is CEO of Live Planet.

Image Credit: Live Planet

InDemand is the first major media participant in the Innovators Program to be publicly announced. And that means that Minor’s latest attempt to disrupt media and entertainment has some traction.