Bizarre DIY video makes an egg that’s ‘bigger than before’ and the internet asks — why?

Bizarre DIY video makes an egg that’s ‘bigger than before’ and the internet asks — why?

By Sage Anderson

The egg is bigger than before. Which egg? Why do you want it to become bigger? It just is. Accept it. The egg will continue to grow. You cannot stop it. 

That kind of ominous and vaguely threatening aura is the same energy that arises from a now viral DIY “craft” video (and we use the term “craft” here very loosely) that was recently unearthed from the bowels of your mom’s Facebook feed. In between cooking tutorials for cheesy jalapeño poppers, you may find a “lifehack” video or two, designed to make everyday tasks easier. Or you could find this. 

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, my eggs are too small, not translucent enough, and not covered with enough maple syrup, this is the tutorial for you! 

Originating from the social video outlet 5-Minute Crafts, the channel, which has a YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account, is known for its nonsensical and potentially trolly hack videos. Thankfully, though, Twitter user @chipspopandabar resurfaced this truly cursed footage, and we’re not sure they fully understand what they’ve unleashed.

Let’s break it down:

It’s simple! You take your humble egg, and you place it in a glass, then fill it with white vinegar. Why? Who knows! But you’ll have to wait 24 hours to find out. Wait, isn’t this supposed to be 5-Minute Crafts? Yes, you would be correct! Moving on. 

When the egg emerges it will be smooth and translucent, like a rubber baby dino egg sold at museum gift shops. Shine a light on it, like you’re interrogating it for clues to this great mystery called life. Why do you care? Well, it’s bigger than before! Is this what you wanted? Is it?

No, we must go further. It’s not big enough. Bill Nye is silently weeping in the distance. You put the egg in a new glass. You pour sweet and expensive maple syrup all over your sick creation. Yes, this is good. Egg will grow. But you must wait, again, another 24 hours. 

Haven’t you had enough of playing god? Clearly not, because now is the time for your Frankenstein egg to join the Blue Man Group. Remove your egg from its syrupy prison, submerge it in water, and add blue food die. Congrats, you’ve finally reached the end. The egg is bigger than before. What have you done?

Like most other 5-Minute Craft videos, you feel yourself becoming more unhinged the longer you watch what’s unfolding onscreen. Their algorithm-baiting titles, like “28 SMART HACKS FOR EVERYDAY LIFE || Everyday Tricks And Clever DIY Ideas,” and repetitive compilations means tha

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