Avoid Those ‘Secret Sister’ Gift Exchanges on Facebook

Avoid Those ‘Secret Sister’ Gift Exchanges on Facebook

Every year my Facebook newsfeed is inundated with invitations to join gift exchanges, specifically those that suggest you can send one gift or book or bottle of local beer and then you’ll magically receive 36 in return. It sounds too good to be true, which is probably because it is.

Anyone who does the simple math can tell that this is not a thing that’s going to actually work. You can also tell that it’s essentially a pyramid scheme, which is illegal. Nevertheless, the exchanges pop up on Facebook and via email every holiday season, so much so that The Better Business put out an alert about them earlier this month. Here’s how it explains the problem:

The scheme starts with a convincing invitation, either by email or social media to sign up for what seems like a great, fun program. All you must do is provide your name and address and personal information of a few additional friends, and tack this information on to a list that’s already started of people you’ve never met on the

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