Alphabet’s Loon Balloons Will Provide Internet To Remote Parts of the Amazon Next Year

Alphabet’s Loon Balloons Will Provide Internet To Remote Parts of the Amazon Next Year

  • Like the very back of the warehouse where the workers have to pee in jars?

    • Jars are too slow, they’re supposed to just pee their pants while still moving. CADENCE

  • This is the same Google that said they would roll out fiber to everywhere, then a year or so later, folded up their marketing tent and took their wallet and pie-in-the-sky ideas home? That Google? I feel sorry for all the Peruvians that will get their hopes up, change their business models, and then be asked to bend over at a moments notice.

    • They are getting extra fast connections to the NSA now.

      PRISM direct.

    • Iran is completely isolated from the Internet right now, by State tyranny, and protesters are being executed.

      How about lofting some Loons over Tehran, Google? Even if they’re shut down you can claim you tried.

      Too expensive for GOOG?

      • Somebody mod this up. And make it a viral meme. Because seriously âoedonâ(TM)t be evilâ GOOG

      • “How about lofting some Loons over Tehran,”

        Target practice for the Revolutionary Guard

        • There are enough loons in Iran making the good and honest people there miserable. We don’t need anymore flying over their heads.

  • Well it will get easier every year to cover the Amazon, soon a cheap off the shelf wifi router will do the trick. They just have to wait a bit.

  • Lets hope they have their ad blockers ready.

    Welcome the good censor.

  • The search for the last missing consumers continues.

  • Should make it easier to order those chainsaws from Amazon. Deliver them by drones and then they can get on with some serious tree felling. Job done : then sit back and enjoy the pr0n.

  • And it won’t just get cancelled within a couple of years, l

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