5 reasons you want a voice-controlled microwave

5 reasons you want a voice-controlled microwave

The AmazonBasics Microwave is a great first attempt from Amazon for a product of this kind. It’s built well, works as advertised, and comes in at a great price. While all of that’s fine and dandy, a lot of people aren’t sold on the idea of a voice-controlled microwave in the first place.

Why do you need a microwave that can be used with your voice when it’s just as easy to press a couple of buttons to do the same thing? That’s a valid question, and below we’ve put together five big reasons why something like the AmazonBasics Microwave would be an excellent fit for your home.

It’s great for people with disabilities

For a lot of us, pressing buttons on a microwave isn’t something we have to think much about. For others, however, it can be a struggle. Multiple disabilities can make everyday tasks a lot harder for many people, and with the ability to use your voice instead of pressing buttons, that makes the AmazonBasics Microwave a lot more accessible for a lot more people.

If someone is blind or has difficulty seeing, saying “Alexa, microwave for three minutes” enables them to perform a task that would otherwise be impossible or incredibly difficult.

There are also plenty of folks out there with severe arthritis and other inflammatory diseases that can cause chronic pain/stiffness in fingers. For them, telling Alexa to microwave something is substantially easier than pressing a series of buttons and putting themselves in more pain than they already are.

While this doesn’t apply to everyone reading this, it’s the most encouraging and important reason why voice-controlled microwaves are essential and worth looking into.


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